Module 1
Ask Good Questions
Module 2
Finding Information
Module 3
Selecting the Best
Module 4
Putting it Together
Module 5
Your Presentation
Module 6
Making the Grade

How do I get started with my presentation?

All presentations need to include content, a focus and citations.

Here are some tips for:

  • focusing your presentation by creating a thesis statement, and
  • formatting your citations based on your required style, MLA or APA.

Directions:  Review your assignment requirements. Then begin with #1 and work through #4 below.


Create a citation for the article Body Conscious from Psychology Today.

  1. Use the citation provided by EBSCO . (Use the link CITE under the Tools menu on the right.)
  2. Check the EBSCO citation with one of the citation generating tools:
#2 Try out the Thesis Generator to help you generate your own thesis statement with the ideas you have. Keep in mind that you might want to revise your thesis statement several times as you move along with your research.
#3 Cite a quote from one of the articles you found for your topic using the Hamburger Citation Model graphic organizer.

Read these sample research papers, paying close attention to the structure and style of each.  Think about how you can use these samples as models to help you with your own writing.

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