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About Research 4 Success


The modules in this course along with the teacher guide are provided to educators and students free of charge. Each module may be used individually or the entire series of modules may be used as the foundation for research and inquiry standards requirements or to support Project Based Learning in your curriculum.

If you are a teacher, please go to Getting Started - Teachers

If you are a student, please go to Getting Started - Students.

How to Use This Course

The content contained within each module correlates with Ohio Learning Standards and is developed for easy use by students independently or by teachers in face-to-face or blended instruction.  The content is designed to augment a short or long-tern research project. Delivery models include:

  • embed the the modules contained in an online learning management system or Google classroom.
  • use the course on the web in a blended or traditional classroom.
  • used the modules in a traditional setting which includes showing videos to the entire class and printing materials as needed.

To maintain the integrity of the content and to simplify the inclusion of the module content within other sites or learning systems, INFOhio provides embed codes or widgets for each module. Click here for R4S Widget information.

Cost and Funding

As noted above, this course is provided free of charge to all Ohio K-12 organizations. R4S was funded through an Institute of Museum and Library Services LSTA grant awarded by the State of Library of Ohio. The content does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the granting agencies.

Getting Started

As with any course materials, teachers should review the content before assigning a research project. 

Privacy Assurance

No identifying information about students is collected.

Course Goals

  • Learn Research Strategies
  • Find, Evaluate, Organize Information
  • Use Information Ethically
  • Use Digital Media to Collaborate and Present Results
  • Conduct Research Successfully in College and Careers